Growth Consulting for the Global Mobility Industry

Too often, amazing relocation and global mobility companies struggle to break the barriers to the next level. Your business may provide a world-class offering, but you aren’t pitching winning proposals.

Perhaps your network isn’t robust enough to connect you to the decision-makers that will propel your business. You know the industry could benefit from your offering but struggle to connect with buyers and make prospects understand your value.

GLOMO provides consulting to businesses that have already established excellence in their services but have yet to break through to the game-changing RMCs and clients in the global mobility industry. Our consulting team accelerates sales by helping companies achieve the three Rs of business development success: Relevance, Reach, and Relationships. 

Here’s how we expedite relocation and global mobility business growth:

How GLOMO Grows Global Mobility Businesses

  • 1. Position Your Service to Meet Demand

    Everything GLOMO does starts with strategy. Our consultants begin by deconstructing the business’s strengths and plan to find opportunities in their sales funnel. We use our findings to reframe your business model and identify the right target prospects through segmentation.

  • 2. Communicate Your Company’s Value

    It can be challenging to make your company heard in the noise of a well-established industry. GLOMO harnesses the power of storytelling to communicate your compelling business model. Next, we make people talk about your brand via video, content, and social media to drive community engagement. We transform our clients into the buzzworthy companies everyone wants to meet.

  • 3. Leverage Our Network to Build Sales Momentum

    GLOMO’s brand and expansive global mobility connections are our greatest assets, and we utilize them to benefit our consulting clients. We introduce clients to their top RMC and client targets and source new bid opportunities.

  • 4. Coach You to Win Sales

    GLOMO’s brand and expansive global mobility connections are our greatest assets, and we utilize them to benefit our consulting clients. We introduce clients to their top RMC and client targets and source new bid opportunities.

  • 5. Prepare Your Business For Growth

    New business is your goal, but it may also be your greatest challenge. Without proper infrastructure and strategy, a boom can easily become an explosion. GLOMO will be alongside you through the entire growth cycle, from startup to established cash cow. GLOMO is the advisor and confidant leaders need. We ask and answer those big strategic questions along the way.

A Cost-Efficient Business Development Shortcut

Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in building business development and sales teams. There’s a faster and more economical approach.

GLOMO is already among the most connected and knowledgeable forces in the relocation and global mobility industries. We can immediately put our relevance and reach to work for you.

GLOMO will become a part of your team. We create a project plan with consistent deliverables and goals to keep your company’s growth on track. To best promote our consulting clients, we only represent one industry vertical at a time.

Support For Minority-Owned Global Mobility Suppliers

GLOMO’s consulting services specialize in minority-owned relocation and global mobility companies. Through our work in the industry, we have heard feedback about the real challenges of being a diverse supplier. We discovered and studied the gap between corporations calling for inclusion and minority-owned companies trying to win new business.

In our years of consulting minority-owned businesses, we experienced major organizations setting standards that emerging vendors couldn’t reach. Our team saw companies turn away qualified, diverse suppliers over red tape. At the same time, small businesses were missing the knowledge and resources to pursue major opportunities.

GLOMO’s consulting services help diverse companies connect the dots to bridge that gap. At the same time, we advocate for greater supplier diversity in our industry.

Whether you are a minority-owned vendor or a global mobility buyer, join our supplier diversity initiative to make new connections:

Relocation & Global Mobility Industry Consulting Services



  • Diagnose sales funnel weaknesses
  • Define a unique selling proposition 
  • Prospect target analysis 
  • Decision maker introductions
  • Craft winning proposals
  • Business development coaching
  • Customer qualification



  • Defining business models
  • Framing value propositions
  • Market & client segmentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Growth navigation




  • Story crafting
  • Video storytelling
  • Event planning
  • Engaging content creation
  • Social media consulting
  • Community engagement


Proven Wins

6 New RMC Clients For New Relocation Company

In less than a year, GLOMO turned a small international relocation company into an industry player.

After defining the company’s value, GLOMO introduced them to a major RMC partner. Together, they won a large multinational group move worth 2000+ moves over two years.

This momentum led to six new major RMC relationships with Expedient Group, Altair, GMS, WHR Group, and more in just a few months. This burst of demand supported the hiring of three new coordinators and the opening of two international locations.

Over two years, GLOMO supported the business to grow 40%.

Global Corporate Housing Provider’s Event Attracts Thousands

A tech-enabled startup corporate housing company was coming up in a mature, established industry.

GLOMO positioned the business as industry thought leaders by hosting several virtual events. The series became the year’s premier relocation event, bringing in thousands of registrants from five continents, including new clients, partners, and influencers.

The resulting name recognition and buzz led to noteworthy press, valuable clients, and a successful series A funding amount.

Is Your Global Mobility Business Ready For the Next Step?

Your company may be ready for GLOMO consulting if:

  • You have been in business for at least 3-5 years
  • You are struggling to reach the right people to generate new business
  • You desire rapid growth
  • Your service is exceptional, but you’re struggling to demonstrate that you’re a leader in your category

If that’s you, let’s team up. We will work together to find and win new business.  GLOMO is ready to generate your momentum. You just need to grab hold & go.




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