Your business is only as strong as the people on your team.  Growth requires finding new team members that don’t just check a box, but will change your business.  So why are you relying on recruiting firms drawing from the available retread pool?  The forward-thinking talent is probably employed by someone else right now.  You need to work with talent acquisition who can inspire transformational people to make a jump.

GLOMO has a knack for approaching thriving employees and convincing them that it’s time to take on a new opportunity.  We leverage our global mobility network to find the special, entrepreneurial recruits, including sales rainmakers, revolutionary leaders, expert marketers, and influencers.


  • Attractive job descriptions

  • Candidate sourcing

  • Pre-screening and interviewing

  • Candidate scoring

  • Skills, personality, and cultural assessments


  • Global Mobility

  • Talent Mobility

  • Relocation

  • Corporate Housing

  • Immigration

  • Tax

  • Real Estate

  • Mortgage

  • Household Goods

  • Moving


Only GLOMO has the network, influence, and entrepreneurial mindset to source your pivotal team members.  We approach recruiting strategically by defining your challenges, then finding the person to fill the void in your growth strategy.

Not only do we understand who your business needs, but we can recruit them at a cost 20% less than the competition.  Let’s build your team together.


Too often, amazing companies struggle to break the barriers to their next level. Your business may provide a world-class offering, but you aren’t pitching proposals that win. Perhaps your network isn’t robust enough to connect you to the decision makers that will propel your business.

GLOMO accelerates your sales by achieving the three Rs of business development success: Relevance, Reach, and Relationships. We perfectly position your service to meet an in-demand need. Then, we leverage the extensive GLOMO network to introduce you to clients that build sales momentum.

Ready to take control of your sales? Let’s meet.


  • Diagnose sales funnel weaknesses

  • Client targets analysis

  • Decision maker introductions

  • Define your unique selling proposition

  • Craft winning proposals

  • Business development coaching


6 New RMC Clients For New Global Relocation Company

In less than a year, GLOMO turned a small international relocation company into an industry player.

After defining the company’s value, GLOMO introduced them to a major RMC partner. Together, they won a large multinational group move worth 2000+ moves over two years.

This momentum led to six new major RMC relationships with Expedient Group, Altair, GMS, WHR Group, and more in just a few months.

This burst of demand supported the hiring of three new coordinators and the opening of two international locations.


The need to jumpstart sales is daunting. You may not have the networking capital or new perspective required to meet and exceed your company’s sales goals.  We will work as a team to find and win new business.  We’re ready to generate your momentum, you just need to grab hold & go.


The world of corporate events is changing. After a pandemic without conferences, attendance is no longer assumed or a requirement for companies. Virtual events must be part of your mix, but Zoom fatigue is causing dwindling registrations.

Your event needs to stand out and be memorable. You can no longer rely on just networking opportunities to attract attendees. You need to create a full experience with groundbreaking and engaging programming.

GLOMO will source the elements for an exhibition that drives registrations and leaves attendees inspired and engaged with your business. We will plan fresh and creative programming content that captivates your audience.

Next, we recruit noteworthy speakers and panelists that the industry is eager to learn from. GLOMO will even arrange the production details. Finally, we will promote your event to grow attendance.


  • Event planning

  • Programming content strategy

  • Speaker recruitment

  • AV & production

  • Hosting, MCing, speaking, and moderating

  • Promotion

  • Customer qualification


Association’s Banner Event Reinvigorated in the Midst of the Pandemic

As it became clear that the pandemic would prevent in-person events, an industry association was intimidated to transition to virtual. The challenge was the event was not known for its sessions. The main draw of their annual conference was the networking power of the event’s hotel bar.

The association hired GLOMO to reimagine their event. GLOMO positioned the sessions to make the audience part of the conversation. We sourced panelists the industry wanted to meet, including clients representing over 100K corporate moves over four continents and movers and shakers from RMCs, including Plus Relocation, Graebel, Global Mobility Solutions, and more.

The conference was widely regarded as the best virtual event of the year. The event exposed the association to new markets on other continents, and they will permanently add a virtual event to their annual lineup, expanding their audience and opening a new revenue stream.

Let's Team Up

GLOMO will work with you from event inception to logistics, to day-of engagement.  Let’s work as a team to create a memorable experience.

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